About us

Getting South Africa Sewing

Saito Sewing Machines has established itself as a market leader with a reputation for excellence in the domestic and industrial sewing machine industry and offers a spectrum of services: sales, service, repairs and maintenance for the past 42 Years. The company's success is primarily attributed to its insistence on quality and the excellent after sales service provided. Saito Sewing Machines also constantly re-evaluates and enhances its relationship with its customers, staff and suppliers.

"The Saito Sewing Machine range currently consists of eight sewing machines"

The Saito Sewing Machine range currently consists of eight sewing machines, which range from manual, home-use machines to advanced overlocking and multi-function machines. The industrial products include the popular straight sewing machine to the most advanced industrial embroidery machine. We have recently partnered with a company headquartered in USA, to distribute exclusively in Southern Africa, their range of industrial embroidery products. This can be used for embroidery on products such as caps, towels, bedspread and curtains. We have a special focus on supplying the home industry niche market and the addition of the embroidery machine is of value to this market allowing for diversification.

An extensive network of over 700 dealers of our product range has been established. We stocks over 10 000 spare parts for all sewing machines and also manufacture and distribute our own brand of household oil / lubricant. Much of the growth over the last 42 years has been driven by word of mouth referrals which well reflects the quality of the products and service provided.

The Ramsi Group is justly proud of its achievements which has seen the company grow into markets which in its early days would never have been dreamed of. Its extensive client base includes provincial government departments, local municipalities, corporates as well as high profile national government clients such as the Department of Trade and Industry. From our Durban offices, our products are distributed to: Lesotho; Swaziland; Namibia; Zimbabwe; Botswana and Zambia.

Mission Statement

Saito endeavours to meet the needs of the domestic and industrial sewing machine market by offering efficient and excellent service together with superior quality products.

Quality and Service

When it comes to service, Saito Sewing Machines believes in going the extra mile for our customers. Its often the small things that make a big difference to your customer and our philosophy is to do everything in our power to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Close attention to quality on all levels is a priority; if the product is not of the best quality then we don't sell it. Our Parts and Technical Director regularly visits the company's manufacturing facility to oversee quality and ensure that all products leaving the factory meet our stringent quality requirements.

Staff training is also an important aspect and our head technician has been trained on the new embroidery machine in the USA. The secret of our success is our commitment to always being honest with our customers and to providing the very best in after sales service.


A well known saying goes: "Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Give him a rod and teach him to fish, and he will feed himself for the rest of his life". We equate that rod to our sewing machine where our simple sewing machine has become the proverbial fishing rod - a tool that helps people to develop skills and earn a living.

We have worked closely with large International and Local corporate and Government Organisations to provide sewing machines for rural community development. Our aim is to raise knowledge and transfer skills as a means to reduce poverty by creating mini enterprises .This aids skills development which uplifts rural communities by providing business opportunities, which may have otherwise not been there.